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 EKOVEST: “相信我,大马城真的和我无关?”

2019年, EKOVEST进军猫山王把PLS(猫山王)的23.88%股权或是9429万股拿在手中!


2019年5月16日, EKOVEST私募发10%或2140万新股,发售价每股0.83总筹得1.775亿令吉。



首相办公室4月19日发布声明表示,获大马城私人有限公司60%股权的联营公司,为IWH-CREC私人有限公司财团, 40%由大马财政部拥有。除了支付7亿4100万令吉原始订金,IWH-CREC还承诺预付5亿令吉。这5亿令吉将从政府正式恢复项目(2019年4月17日)之日起60天内支付。





EKOVEST: "Believe me, Malaysia City really has nothing to do with me?"

In 2019, EKOVEST entered the Cat Mountain King to take the 23.88% stake in PLS (Cat Mountain King) or 94.29 million shares in the hands!

EKOVEST-WB shareholders converted a total of 28.31 million shares into a total of RM13.5 million from May 13 to yesterday. EKOVEST-WB still has 268 million shareholders left to wait for the last two weeks to decide whether to change or not to change the mother stocks. If there is no conversion before June 10, the WB in hand will be made into waste paper. If 80% of WB shareholders agree to convert to a parent stock, EKOVEST will reinstate RM128 million.

On May 16, 2019, EKOVEST privately issued 10% or 21.4 million new shares, and the offer price was 0.83 per share, raising a total of RM177.5 million.

On April 19, 2019, Dunma suddenly announced that Malaysia City will be restored.

Da Ma Cheng is a huge comprehensive development project with an area of ​​194 hectares, which is five times larger than the double tower. It is located at the old air base of Kuala Lumpur New Street. It is a 20-year development project with a total development value of 1400. Billion ringgit.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on April 19 stating that the associate company that received a 60% stake in Dama City Private Limited was a consortium of IWH-CREC Sdn Bhd and 40% owned by the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia. In addition to paying the original deposit of RM741 million, IWH-CREC is also committed to prepay RM500 million. The RM500 million will be paid within 60 days from the official recovery of the government (April 17, 2019).

IWH is controlled by Tan Srilin Gang River and the Johor government at the same time 63% and 37%.
Tan Sri Lin Gang River indirectly owns 38% of Malaysia City, while controlling more than 50% of EKOVEST and more than 35% of IWCITY!

However, EKOVEST and IWCITY announced after the closing of the daily limit on May 22, "Da Ma City has nothing to do with us"!

EKOVEST suddenly has so much cash. It’s hard to get the cat mountain king without the 140 billion Damascus.

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