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Most of oilgas  company huge debt ,financial heavy losses ,low cashflow .
Company Cash Debt 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 H/Y current liabilities
armada 1.147b 6.826b -171.39m -1.940b 4.92 m -2.31b 69.77m 8.236b
alam 71.41m 124.9m -1981m -144.76m -145.84m -171.60m -4.3m 119.82m
barakah 22.51m 190m 5.59m 16.36m -216.72m -61.60m -52.30m 166.23m
carimin 15.09m 55m -2.79m 6.288m -24.35m -4.5m 19.81m 95.53m
dayang 214m 1.012b 202.01m 78.68m -63.83m 148m -8.4m 1.206b
daya 57.85m 230m -2.78m -200.9m -17.59m -170m -95k 413m
deleum 131.59m 72.43m 71.15m 49.76m 54.02m 29.82m 2.6m 276m
dialog 1.15b 1.687b 370.45m 368.72m 448.76m 502.1m 478.2m 1.493b
eatech 22.61m 378m 23.68m 21.54m -131.90m 90.36m 9.1m 356.67m
handal 4.23m 18.67m 11.42m -11.40m 0.28m -9.2m -4.9m 27.13m
hibiscus 221.21m - -45.27m 56.32m 62m 331.9m 299m 328.91m
icon 47.37m 648.71m -363.5m -149.82m -49.92m -437.7m -10.5m 671.55m
kub 99.29m 138.75m 28.53m 32.33m 40m 2.14m 2.589m 137.42m
knm 321.65m 1.325b 124m -316.64m -28.83m -787.7m 20.41m 961.9m
mhb 517m 100m 22.5m -135m 11m -124m -29.50m 706m
m&g 25.38m 997m 6.44m -131.16m -367.8m -61.71m -31.77m 125.59m
perisai 51.92m 1.233b -661.2m -339.12m -308.58m -513.20m -73.26 1.42b
perdana 45.87m 632.57m -115.60m -28.04m -181.94m -40.91m -32.67m 907.9m
penergy 78.66m 102m 59.42m -124.48m -46.62m -20.99m 1.715m 270.62m
reach 45.93m - -15.95m 119.307m -121.73m -60.76m -20.11m 379.84m
scomi 56.23m 744m 105.45m 25.79m -158.62m -271.60m -59.67m 1.132b
scomies 55.51m 201.93m 107.39m 11.99m -126.61m -144.31m -39.64m 315.18m
sapnrg 860m 10.01b 1.615b -712.64m -385.24m -2.58b -78.35m 4.362b
sumatec 10k 22.53m 30.23m -29.79m -59.67m -2.74m -987k 346.25m
thheavy 57.20m 148.97m -53.40m -452.01m -116.07m -139.9m 2.05m 424.82m
t7global 30.14m 31.44m -73.80m 3.09m 9.8m 10.82m 1.88m 65.93m
uzma 31.85m 115.68m 22.54m 50.53m 20.08m 21.34m 14.88m 191m
velesto 207.69m 1.349b -349.39m -1.181b -1.133b -18.76m -19.61m 219.21m
waseong 133.79m 856.33m 35.7m -225.86m 122.60m 59.86m 26.25m 1.501b
yinson 1.73b 3.654b 279.38m 296.46m 213.17m 249.74m 79.67m 1.199b

PN17 : barakah,daya,perisai,sumatec,thheavy
m= millions

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