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 [AIRASIA X BHD:继续推动收入和销售辅助服务,以降低运营成本]

2Q19 vs 2Q18:

2Q19 vs 1Q19:

公司将继续推动收入和销售辅助服务,以降低运营成本。预计需求和载人率将保持在合理健康的水平。通过将一些未来机位转移到其他核心市场,已经努力减缓旅游业(中国和韩国)的增长放缓。在机队规划方面,虽然AirAsiaX Thailand在2019年通过经营租赁增加了多达五架飞机,但预计AirAsiaX Malaysia仍有24架飞机,因为它专注于最大限度地提高飞机利用率和重新调整商业模式,以确保即将到来的季度的可持续性和商业可行性。公司预计2019年第四季度将保持相当健康,因为管理层继续努力减轻成本压力,并在这些充满挑战的情况下继续致力于确保可持续增长。
James Ng Stock Pick Performance:
Since Recommended Return:

a) FRONTKN (FRONTKEN CORP BHD), recommended on 12 Aug 18, initial price was RM0.715, rose to RM1.65 (dividend RM0.015) in 1 year 11 days, total return is 132.9%

b) KKB (KKB ENGINEERING BHD), recommended on 1 Jul 18, initial price was RM0.795, rose to RM1.51 (dividend RM0.04) in 1 year 1 month 20 day, total return is 95%

c) GBGAQRS (GABUNGAN AQRS BHD), recommended on 16 Dec 18, initial price was RM0.80, rose to RM1.28 in 8 months 7 days, total return is 60%

d) ELKDESA (ELK-DESA RESOURCES BHD), recommended on 18 Nov 18, initial price was RM1.27, rose to RM1.70 (dividend RM0.07) in 9 months 5 days, total return is 39.4%

e) JAKS (JAKS RESOURCES BHD), recommended on 20 Jan 19, initial price was RM0.575, rose to RM0.80 in 7 months 3 days, total return is 39.1%

f) PESTECH (PESTECH INTERNATIONAL BHD), recommended on 2 Jun 19, initial price was RM1.04, rose to RM1.39 in 2 months 19 days, total return is 33.7%

g) BAUTO (BERMAZ AUTO BHD), recommended on 14 Oct 18, initial price was RM1.89, rose to RM2.32 (dividend RM0.1875) in 10 months 9 days, total return is 32.7%

h) KGB (KELINGTON GROUP BHD), recommended on 23 Dec 18, initial price was RM0.965, rose to RM1.26 (dividend RM0.008) in 7 months 29 days, total return is 31.4%

i) PWROOT (POWER ROOT BHD), recommended on 7 Oct 18, initial price was RM1.59, rose to RM1.96 (dividends RM0.063) in 10 months 16 days, total return is 27.2%

j) BJFOOD (BERJAYA FOOD BHD), recommended on 30 Sep 18, initial price was RM1.43, rose to RM1.56 (dividends RM0.04) in 10 months 21 days, total return is 11.9%

k) SERBADK (SERBA DINAMIK HOLDINGS BHD), recommended on 29 Jul 18, initial price was RM3.96, rose to RM4.29 (dividends RM0.084) in 1 Year 24 days, total return is 10.5%

l) VIZIONE (VIZIONE HOLDINGS BHD), recommended on 30 Dec 18, initial price was RM0.85, rose to RM0.88 in 7 months 21 days, total return is 3.5%

我希望将我的策略分享给读者,希望他们在阅读后能够表现出色。我正在使用基本面分析(Fundamental Analysis):

预计公司每年的增长率必须> 14%


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James Ng
[AIRASIA X BHD: continue to drive revenue and sale of ancillary services to mitigate higher operational cost]

2Q19 vs 2Q18:
The net operating loss for the group in 2Q19 was RM185.0 million as compared to net operating loss of RM99.2 million in 2Q18.

2Q19 vs 1Q19:
The Group recorded a loss before taxation of RM269.3 million for the quarter under review as compared to profit before taxation of RM59.5 million in 1Q19.

The Company will continue to drive revenue and sale of ancillary services to mitigate higher operational cost. Demand and load factors are expected to remain at a reasonably healthy level. Efforts have been made to mitigate slow down of growth in tourism sector (China and Korea) by shifting some of future capacity into other core markets. On the fleet planning front, while AirAsiaX Thailand is adding up to five aircraft through operating leases in 2019, AirAsiaX Malaysia is expected to remain with 24 aircraft as it focuses on maximising aircraft utilisation and realigning business model to ensure continued sustainability and commercial viability in the coming quarters. The Company expects fourth quarter 2019 to remain reasonably healthy as the management continues to push for efforts to mitigate cost pressures and remains committed to ensure sustainable growth amid these challenging circumstances.
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