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Shared Prosperity 2030
Govt announces Shared Prosperity 2030 to replace 'debt-driven, mega-project' economic model. Adam Aziz May 09, 2019 17:05
"In its simple definition, the efforts towards shared prosperity will allow Malaysia to be a nation that grows continually and sustainably concurrent with fair and inclusive equitable growth across the value chain, classes, ethnicity and geography until it results in stability and harmony among the people by 2030," Dr Mahathir said.
The shared prosperity model comprises three main objectives, he said.
Aside from overcoming wage and wealth gap, the economic model will also introduce a new economic model for all — to create a more structured economy that is progressive and hinges on knowledge and values with participation from Malaysians across the board.
Additionally, the shared prosperity model will hopefully turn Malaysia into an important economic axis in Asia moving forward, Dr Mahathir added.
To establish this economic approach, Dr Mahathir underlined seven key pillars:
  • better structuring of and improving the nation's business and industry ecosystems such as via adoption of Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • application of digital economy, and adding more high-skilled jobs
  • exploring new growth sectors, and turning Malaysia from a consumer nation to one that produced more international standard products
  • reforming human capital, to improve labour market and wages
  • strengthening social well-being through needs-based policies
  • inclusive territorial development
  • improving society capital, combined with strong social support mechanisms.
Additionally, Dr Mahathir also mentioned other enablers to achieve this goal, including a progressive fiscal policy, an administration with high integrity, an effective government institution delivery, better education, monetary stability, a comprehensive Big Data mechanism, as well as a civil and knowledgeable community.
Important of “Fairness” Author: Sslee   |    Publish date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019, 1:00 PM
Fairness is important. It takes place in all our lives. If we did not have fairness our lives would be miserable. Fairness is when everyone is treated equally and no one is left out or left behind. People that are fair follow the rules. They are honest and trustworthy. They follow Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote “It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself.” Fairness is very important in a community. Everyone needs to follow the rules, be respectful of one another and work together to build a strong and beautiful community. They can do this by getting together in a friendly way to solve problems and make rules that are fair to everyone.
Fairness includes learning to treat other with respect, compassion and kindness and growing to appreciate the important of sharing, stand up for each other,  stand up for what’s right, and being honest. This required you to place yourself in other’s shoes and feel what it feel to be treated the way he/she been treated. Fairness required us to see things from different perspective and aroused our desire to act towards the greater good of those around us and contributes to a society that is better to live in.
So be fair minded my fellow Malaysian!
A successful government changed in GE14 in not a winner take all or a cure-all for many ills that befalling Malaysia. Decades of indoctrination of race and religion, born out of political necessities, convenience and mired in political one-upmanship has now produced a nation which is unsure of itself and people who are fractious, angry, suspicious and at odd with each other. Many missteps, distractions, mischievous misdeeds, provocation and etc will bounded to happen when PH is political coalition of many different ideologies, fighting for different courses was assembled in last minute (Thank god at least PAS in not in PH) with the main aim of getting rid of the corrupted Najib and his decadent, kleptocratic government and to reform and rebuild our country, and set it on a course towards unity, justice and prosperity.
Shared Prosperity 2030 is the master plan whether we will achieved it will depend on all. Just ask yourself.
  • Are you fair minded?
  • Are you treating your family members fairly?
  • Do you set yourself a high standard of conducts so that everyone around you readily and willingly performed to the standard you demand of them?
  • Do you attend any AGM and ask for your fair share from the controlling shareholder?
  • Do you contribute your fair share in building the bridge and tear down the wall that divided us?
  • Are you a peace maker, a warmonger or an agent provocateur?
  • Are you a destroyer or a nation builder?
  • Are you a quitter or go-getter?
  • Are you a trader or investor?
Tomorrow will be another new day.
Wishing all happy trading and investing

Thank you

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