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Feeling bored with the plain WhatsApp text and want to make it livelier with bold, italics, strike through and/or monospace?

In fact, this is a built-in feature inside WhatsApp.

To make bold effect, put an asterisk (*) at both side of the text that you want to bold.

The make italics effect, put an underscore (_) at both side of the text that you want to italics.

The make strike through effect, put a tilde  (~) at both side of the text that you want to strike through.

These formatting effect is not only can be used for alphanumeric characters, but also can be used for Chinese characters as well.

You can also combine the effects onto the same text, such as bold and italics.

There is another formatting which change the text's font into monospace. But the effect is not so obvious, and it has no effect on Chinese characters.

To change the text into monospace font, put three backticks (`) at both side of the text.

It would be nice if WhatsApp can include the underline effect as well. But currently, I am unaware of any support from WhatsApp to underline its message text.

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