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 Basically everyone has an ego. As you probably know, I often write articles and post them on my blog: koonyewyin.com and i3investors.com for everyone to see. My wife always says that I am so egoistic to show off which often stops me from doing so many things I want to do before I die. I am so confused and wonder what I should do.

We all have ego

First of all the ego is ones image of oneself and has a lot to do with ones morale. You need a good ego to help with your self-esteem or self-image, which is not a bad thing. Not having an ego can be very bad, leading to low self-esteem and morale. We all basically have one, but it can be difficult to determine if it is a healthy one.

Ego (not be confused with arrogance) is life, passion, excitement, growth, drive, creativity, individuality, unique personality and reason. Saying ego is bad is as preposterous as stating water is bad, because it can drown you or fire is bad, because it can burn you

Confidence and competence.

It is not being egotistical to know you're good at what you do. Egotistical is when you don't have the competence and experience to back up your confidence. That kind of ego is worth criticizing.

If I did not have self belief in my self, I wouldn’t have the desire and motivation to want to achieve things and unleash my potential.In fact, I am proud to say that I must have ego to be able to achieve so many things.

Ego can be bad when you start to believe you are inherently better than others.

When this happens you may start to become arrogant, selfish, and self-centered.

Your ego should be a tool to let you have belief and confidence in your self, but you should still be true and honest with yourself.

I am nearly 87 years old and during my long life time, I have accumulated a lot of useful knowledge and experience which I like to share with you. That is why I write and post articles so often.

Now you can understand and appreciate why I am writing this article.

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