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 "A picture is worth a thousand words" is an English language adage meaning that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image, which conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a mere verbal description.

The picture below shows Dayang has gone up from 50 sen to close at Rm 2.51, a gain of more than 500% within 1 year.

The picture below shows that 1 rich investor queuing to buy 2.6 million Dayang shares at Rm 2.50 and someone queuing to sell 31,100 shares at Rm 2.51 at the close of today’s trading.


The big buyer was from UBS Securities which has its HQ in Zurich. This can only mean that the price will continue to go high and higher and all those investors who sold earlier cannot expect to buy back at cheaper prices. They must not forget the reason why they bought Dayang earlier. 

My advice to all my critics is to open their eyes to see the above 2 pictures, each is worth 1,000 words.  


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