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 Sedania - E-sports Catalyst

In the recent research, the key industry players and trends growing the esports market which is on track to surpass USD1.5B by 2023!

It is hard to gauge how much Sedania will be profited from this booming e-sports industry. But I think its earnings growth potential is enormous!

In the last 3 quarters 2019, the company has managed to turned around from loss and growing based on its existing business! This is one of KYY's golden rule for investing! 2 consecutive quarters of increasing profit! And Sedania has done 3 consecutive quarters of increasing profit!

I think the share price below 30sen is considered cheap. I think the share price can shoot higher to its glory days of 60sen probably this year.

Talking about the potential upside, the share price could rally but it doesn't need to be in 1 day shoot up but could be gradual. I always believe the price moves first, fundamentals come second. In other words, the share price will rally on the views and opinions ahead of the actual results out. For instance, look at the share price rally of  Sealink or Rsawit or Kpower or Scib. The full exposure in e-sports would be this year 2020 results.

We should tap into this booming industry via Sedania - the only listed proxy for e-sports - like the way we tapped into semiconductor industry in the early years. Look at Frontken for example, who have been riding onto the world’s most advanced chipmaker, TSMC. Nobody knew how to gauge its profit until today, including analysts given its cleaning and coating services for its clients’ parts equipment are customised nature.



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