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We can see that both Pohkong and Tomei up more than 20% yesterday due to US and Iran war tension. All these investment called trend trading. If you bought 2 days a go and sold yesterday, I would like to say congratulation to you.

Recently, the hottest trend trading would be palm oil related companies and oil and gas companies. If the CPO and the crude oil price can maintain, I believe the share price should be able to maintain. If the CPO price back to RM2600 and below, I believe the palm oil counters will suffer a lot.

After Trump said that US will not fire back, the price of the gold drop a lot today. Therefore, the Pohkong and Tomei's price also drop a lot. Trend trading can make someone earn a lot in short term. But bear in mind, if you don't sell after the uptrend, you may incur huge loss as well.

Poh Kong and Tomei's case are the best example of lossing big if chasing high yesterday.

On the other hand, we can see that both Revenue and GHLSYS increase a lot after government initiative in promoting the cashless transaction. This kind of trend trading might be sustain longer as people believing in their future. As long as the company can grow in their earning, then the price most likely able to sustain. Anyway, the risk is high as we are buying the share in premier price.

In investment, we need to know our strategy and also also risk tolerance, else invest in share could make us experience a lot of sleepless night.


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