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Finally, the news of new shareholder in Euro emerged... Pentagon Buy signal on 28 Jan 2020, you will be +20% in-the-money...

Stock Bullish Ratings: 92.8 %, EURO (7208)
EURO last close (11 Feb 2020) was RM 0.23, +0.005 (+2.22%). It is 1-Month high.It's also 3-Month high. This market condition is considered to be very bullish. EURO has strengths (6) in the background in the last 30 bars. EURO Pentagon Guider is blue trendzone, Bullish.

As a guideline, please EXIT or Think to sell when counter EURO is trading below ATR Stop loss. EURO now trades ABOVE ATR Stop Loss.

The probability of next few bars uptrend: 97%.

Wait for Pentagon Guider to turn Red to Sell!

Click here for TradeVSA Pentagon chart: https://tradevsa.com/chart/robie/EURO_image.jpg?v=2020-02-11

Pentagon Fact: EURO at likely +27.8 % since last Green Pentagon @ 0.18 (28 Jan 2020), so you can gain +$$$ by following Pentagon Guider when stock in uptrend!


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