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At least one Glove Counter in your YEAR 2020 portfolios.The reason were:

1) Ultilisation above 95% due to Covid-19 and get approval to operate at 100% capacity during MCO and also extend to its suppliers.Higher ultilisation will reduce the operation cost.

2) Higher selling prices by 3% to 5%for gloves due to shortage of gloves and the orders for the gloves are up to 6 months ahead. The margin expected higher than H1N1 which range from 20% to 40%

3) Export counter -Stengthening of USD against Ringgit by 5% to 10%  will benefit glove counters.

4) Sharp decrease in raw material cost by 1% -5 % used in production of nitrite glove due to low oil price.

5) Capacity expansion by most glove counters.

6) Cut in OPR rate - 50bps by bank negara  result in lower interest cost for all glove counters. Expect  another 25bps cut in May 2020.

7) Lower electricity by 2% under economic stimulus package for 6 months.

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