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Covid-19 has brought the worldwide economy to a standstill. The tourism industry needs bailout, retail shops are closing, bankruptcy is on the rise.
Will this pandemic end soon?
How will the recovery be like? V shape? U shape? or L shape?
With MCO extended for another 2 weeks, we’ve decided to specially invite the Managing Partner of MRR Consulting, Mr Ooi Kok Hwa to share with you his perspective on the economy recovery and how the stock market will be traded during and after this pandemic.
In this "Economic Recovery: V, U or L-Shaped?" Live, he will cover...
- When will Covid-19 possibly end?
- The economic and financial impacts of Covid-19
- How do we invest during these critical periods
Tune in at 8.30pm to catch his sharing. This webinar is brought to you by KenTrade and supported by WealthFort.


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