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Beneficiary of the increased global healthcare expenditure as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

1) Selling disposable bronchoscope, which is used in the first line of lung treatment for patients with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 infections.

2)Selling medical cables  approved by the European Medical Agency (EMA) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) .

3)Selling reinforced tubes - used as endoscope and part of endoscopy accessories, connectors and medical tubes.

4) Benefit from strong USD.(Export to US and Europe)

5) Major material cost for medical cables- copper decline to 4 years low.

6) Plants are operating at maximum level for critical devices used for Covid-19 treatment during MCO.

Major Client :

Edwards Life Sciences - Blue chip companies in New York Stock exchange

Ambu As - Demark listed

Served more than 10 years.

Valuation and financial position

Current PE 25.

Strong cash flow - Net cash position

Strong management - well managed by Taiwanese.

Strong growth - 5 year revenue CAGR 30%

Dividend yield 2%


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