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Listed in Mesdaq on 22/5/2017. IPO price at 56 sen and closed at 65sen (31/12/2017).

All time high at 0.76sen.

18/3/2018 declare bonus issue : 8 for 3 new ordinary share and 2 for 1 warrant.

So after the bonus issue, one should have 11 lots ordinary share and 4 lots of warrant.

if we carculate base on IPO price (56 sen):

The cost for 8 lots X 56sen = RM 4480.

@@current market price: 11 X 22.5 + 4 X 0.05sen= RM 2477

Conclusion: People who are previous waiting for the bonus issue had lost nearly 50% of the value.

Fundamental of company

current liabilities: 22,3 million

current asset: 60.59 million

Cash : 7.19 million

debt to equity: 0.09

P&L: since listed on 2017 until todate ..,every Quarter make money

Fundamental sound and net cash company.

Last but not least, current share price at 22,5 sen look attractive as they still got at least 30% upward opportunity in the near future.

sources: the edgemarkets, Sinchew, NST


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