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【Covid19 Healthcare】GENETEC TECHNOLOGY BERHAD (GENETEC, 0104)  Another Medical Devices Produced that You have missed!

Genetec innovates solutions to the complex demands of healthcare organizations and improves their outcomes. With the dedication and integrity of patients' safety and quality, we deliver exceptional products. Our solutions are integrating with cleanroom grade devices to fulfill the stringent hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
Genetec offers solutions from tabletop to standalone and assembly lines.
Medical device
Pharmaceutical Goods
Genetec Technology Berhad (Genetec, stock code 0104), an ISO - 9001:2008 Certified Company is a leading contract manufacturer of automated industrial equipment, systems and production tools. 
We provide high-quality, responsive and cost-effective Design, Manufacturing automated industrial systems, equipments and Value-Added services to our global customers in the Hard Disk Drive, Electronics, Automotive, Hazardous Material Containment, Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor, Food and Consumers industries.
What so powerful on Genetec is their medical devices on thermometer scan which have been high demand lately.
  1. Do you know high demand from healthcare especially in medical devices n pharmaceutical goods. 
  2. High order book from automotive contract.
  3. Cash companies and turnaround companies.
  4. Director are buying aggressively.
  5. NTA closed to rm2.
  6. Industry 4.0
  7. Most important prominent investor buying aggresively. Mr Fong Siling. 
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All the information is available online and I compile for readers reference, this is not a buy call or sell call.

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