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 [DAYANG ENTERPRISE HOLDINGS BHD:订单簿主要基于call-outs,但仍保持着不错的估计价值40亿令吉]

1Q20 vs 1Q19:
相比之下,达扬企业截至2020年3月31日的本季度收入增加了10%,达扬企业本季度的税前利润为1900万令吉,而截至2019年3月31日同期的税前亏损为850万令吉。本季度的收入和税前利润增加,主要是由于根据topside maintenance合同收到并执行的工作单数量增加,以及船舶利用率提高。

1Q20 vs 4Q19:

他们在2020年的开局相对强劲,在2020年第一季度实现了盈利的财务业绩,而去年同期则是亏损季度。他们继续在2020年第一季度根据Pan Hook-up and Commissioning合同(Pan HUC)交付维护,建造和修改合同(MCM)和Topside维护服务工程的工作订单。

船舶利用率在2020年第一季度也达到了55%,而2019年第一季度为36%。较高的船舶利用率在很大程度上是由于达扬企业与其子公司Perdana Petroleum(“集团”)之间的协同合作,使工作订单持续增长,继续保持良好的业绩。

James Ng Stock Pick Performance:
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a) FRONTKN (FRONTKEN CORP BHD), recommended on 12 Aug 18, initial price was RM0.715, rose to RM2.46 (dividend RM0.04) in 1 year 10 months 12 days, total return is 249.7%

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c) MI (MI TECHNOVATION BERHAD), recommended on 2 Jun 19, initial price was RM1.67, rose to RM3.81 (adjusted)(dividend RM0.055) in 1 Year 22 days, total return is 131.4%

d) KKB (KKB ENGINEERING BHD), recommended on 1 Jul 18, initial price was RM0.795, rose to RM1.67 (dividend RM0.04) in 1 year 11 months 23 days, total return is 115.1%

e) PWROOT (POWER ROOT BHD), recommended on 7 Oct 18, initial price was RM1.59, rose to RM2.25 (dividend RM0.188) in 1 Year 8 months 17 days, total return is 53.3%

f) JAKS (JAKS RESOURCES BHD), recommended on 20 Jan 19, initial price was RM0.575, rose to RM0.875 in 1 year 5 months 4 days, total return is 52.2%

我希望将我的策略分享给读者,希望他们在阅读后能够表现出色。我正在使用基本面分析(Fundamental Analysis):

预计公司每年的增长率必须> 14%


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James Ng
[DAYANG ENTERPRISE HOLDINGS BHD: order book, which are largely based on call-outs, remains decent at an estimated value of RM4 billion]

1Q20 vs 1Q19:
Comparatively, the Group’s revenue for the current quarter ended 31 March 2020 increased by 10% and the Group made a profit before tax of RM19 million for the current quarter as compared to a loss before tax of RM8.5 million in the corresponding quarter ended 31 March 2019. The increase in revenue and profit before tax in the current quarter is mainly due to higher work orders received and performed under the topside maintenance contracts and also higher vessel utilisation.

1Q20 vs 4Q19:
In the current quarter the Group made profit before tax of RM19 million as compared to profit before tax of RM114 million in the preceding quarter.

They had a relatively strong start in 2020 with a profitable financial performance in the first quarter of 2020, turning around from a loss quarter in the corresponding period last year. They continued to deliver their work orders for the Maintenance, Construction and Modifications Contract (MCM) and Topside Maintenance Services works under the Pan Hook-up and Commissioning Contract (Pan HUC) during the first quarter of 2020.

Vessel utilisation also came in stronger at 55% in the first quarter of 2020, compared to 36% in the first quarter of 2019. The relatively high vessel utilisation is largely due to the sustained level of work orders as the synergistic collaboration between Dayang and its subsidiary, Perdana Petroleum (the “Group”) continues to work out well.

While their order book, which are largely based on call-outs, remains decent at an estimated value of RM4 billion, there is no certainty that work orders of high values will be issued in the near term. They will continue to be vigilant and exercise due care and prudence in the running and administration of the Group’s business. They are confident that their strong execution track record, coupled with their solid balance sheet, will help them to weather this challenging period. This short-term turbulence will not derail their long-term plans to achieve greater heights going forward.
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