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 The gold hitting all time high  which surpass the USD 1,790/ounce psychological level this morning. This is the first time in 50 years the gold is hitting over USD 1,790 level. Gold being the best commodities performance this years due to the covid 19 Pandemic and the economy uncertainty.

3 gold stock in KLSE in my watchlist:

Bahvest- The one and only gold producers in Malaysia. The prospect is very good as the mining process in sabah is running at smooth. Big money ahead for them as they are selling the gold at the current high price. The share price hitting 60 sen in Jan 20 when the gold price around USD 1500-1600/level

Pohkong- Good fundamental. The stock always below the NTA and undervalue. Always rumour around that the major shareholder looking for privatise. Share price hitting 70 sen in Jan 20 when the gold price around USD 1,500-1600 level

Tomei- Similar business model like pohkong. Positive fundamental but not as solid as Pohkong. Share price hit 60.5sen in Jan 20 when gold price around USD 1500-1600 level.


The movement of the Gold Stock in Bursa always behind compare with others country such as USA and Aus. The gold stock in though country have been moving nearly to the all time high. This give us an opportunity to accumulate this 3 stocks when the price still low. As Gold is bullish, i beleve the share price of this 3 company will flying on par with the Gold price.

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