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 Fundamental of MIKROMB:

Current Ratio: 9.62

Current liabilities: 5.45million

Current assets: 52.45 million

Shareholder fund: 96.7million

every year paying Dividen

Conclusion: healthy financial. Lastest QR end 2019 is the best among 2017.

The share price had been at the high of 76sen at Jun 2017 but in the bearish to the low 13 sen in March 2020.

The bearish of the share price since 2017 may due to the drop of the profit in year 2018. Somehow, the profit for year 2019 had been showing the improvement sign which is more than 20% compare 2018.

The recent QR dec 2019, is the best quarter performance since 2017..this given the hope that the company is looking forward to do better in year 2020.

The current share price at 0.20 which is VERY Cheap. Due to few reason:

1.The company is profitable every year.

2. given dividen

3. strong management team and plan for the future. The company is spending 3% (from their yearly revenue) for R&D spending.

4. share price crossed the 200 day simple moving average (SMA) and looking forward to break recent high of 21.5sen

sources: The edgemarket, Mikromb 2019 annual report, nanyang siu pau

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