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Date : 10 June 2020

Just a short notes,  from the pattern and current situation, trick by tricks, day by days. I forsees big rally on this two stocks by Mid-June. We also believe more than 100% jump in glovemakers shares can run further in short/mid-term
Target Price : [ TP5: RM25 - TP6 RM30 ]
Last target : RM35 (Mac-2021 - Last target depend on COVID-19 situation)
Call Warrant : TOPGLOV-C72 [ TP: RM2.93 ]
Target Price : [ TP5: RM18 - TP6 RM23 ]
Last target : RM30 (Mac-2021 - Last target depend on COVID-19 situation)
Call Warrant : HARTA-C39 [ TP: RM2.05 ]
Top Glove Corp.’s  blistering rally  since May  has vaulted the world’s biggest glove maker to bid for a spot in the top five stocks in Malaysia’s benchmark index by weighting. Assisting with Hartalega.
1. Hold back your capital & Lets profits run only.
2. Two world’s biggest glove makers Top Glove and Hartalega has been soared.

3. Top Glove have soared 257% this year. Harta have soared 136% this year.

4. Most of the analysts still underestimate how high margins could go in this Covid-19 environment.

5. Most of IB's also failed to projector the real target for gloves sector.

6. Lots of IB's underestimate this sector whether can go further or not. Untill lately in May. Most of them keep reitrated and upgraded their forecast. Even need to use new tactical margin's capping.

7. Analysts are still behind the curve in updating their estimates which is why the stocks look expensive on a headline basis. Do you think its expensive now? Overvalued? Nope for me. Soon if hit really high, please drop me and team an email alert that. You have success.

8. Top Glove will generate average earnings growth of more than 100% for each of the next two years and Hartalega will also deliver strong earnings growth.

09. Both already have as personal protective equipment purchases increase globally. Just imagine Top Glove will can go 500% and Harta my estimation could archieve 400%. So what do you say?
10. With the raised ASP and backorders next quarter result going to be spectacular for Harta.
Frankly say, I have more confident with this two apart from Big Four.
Best regards,

The Founder Of Kim's Stockwatch

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