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Stock Guru with 20 thousand followers & 19 thousands LIKE said my TOP PICK will issue BONUS when reach RM20

He send out this note to his subsriber 
据了解,只要股价达到20,Top Glove就会宣布红股计划。

RM20 is my 1st TARGET.

Everyone should buy TOPGLOV. Tan Sri gave good news in his zoom briefing. Read the SLIDE !

During zoom webinar, Tan Sri Lim share this information.
  1. Top Glove Corporation Bhd expects better earnings in its current year ending 2020 (FY20) backed by the recent rise in ad hoc and spot orders by government agencies and global market demand. 
  2. It sales would likely double in its current fourth quarter, driven by higher average selling prices (ASP).
  3. It is now guiding for a monthly double-digit ASP increase at least for the next few months.
  4. Top Glove envisions "extremely" robust quarters ahead, driven by strong demand growth, high utilisation and additional capacity coming onstream.
  5. Following the increase in glove demand from virtually every country in the world, the group's utilisation rate rose from a pre-Covid level of 85 per cent to above 95 per cent in Q3.
  6. Demand backed by increased usage in both the medical and non-medical sectors, as well as heightened hygiene awareness

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