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China Focus:
Cleansing lungs, dispelling toxins: TCM fights COVID-19
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As the COVID-19 epidemic wrecked havoc across China since the beginning of this year, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) decoction named Qing Fei Pai Du (QFPD), meaning cleansing lungs and dispelling toxins in Chinese, drew wide attention for its efficacy.

The study found that QFPD had an effect on the virus in all its stages from transmission to its replication and even after it had caused multiple organ damages. In Hebei Province, a severely-ill patient emerged from a fever and saw his white blood cell count return to normal after taking QFPD once. In Shanxi Province, nucleic acid testing became negative after patients had QFPD for three days.
QFPD is also relatively cheap, saving costs for local governments that foot the bill for COVID-19 treatment. A three-day course costs no more than 100 yuan or less than 15 U.S. dollars.

A study by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutions found 16 of the 21 herbs in QFPD worked on lungs and the rest worked together to protect the heart, liver, spleen and kidneys






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