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 After sharing on yumcha session with my uncle last week, I decided to pay him a visit. (To thank him for hinting me the opportunity to add glove stock after retrace).

There were comments in my previous article mentioning why didn’t we meet up though zoom, I always believe if I don’t meet up with him face to face, he will never share as much to me.

So this morning i decided to drive my legendary uni time car kenari for more than 30 miles just to visit him, I brought some fruit to thank him as well. Finally after the long drive, I reach his bungalow. Waiting in front of his 10 feet gate felt like entering a castle in those western movies. The gardener waved at me and told me that my uncle is at the backyard feeding his Japanese Koi.

Without further delay, I parked my car in the garage. Looking at the garage's car, lamborghini urus and lamborghini huracan, I was like, WTF, I am never going to afford any of it even if I work my entire life! I must learn more from my uncle and hopefully one day I can upgrade my kenari.

Walking towards my uncle, I was able to see that he had hundreds of japanese koi swimming around the pond, my mind started to wonder, how many kenari is that in the pond?

Finally I met with him and below is our conversation:

Me: Hey Uncle, thank you so much!
Him: Well I just share some of my views, you get rewarded by what you have done yourself.

Me: Still, thanks to you, without your experienced insights, I would have been like rest thinking that chasing high at glove is a stupid move but it was the move, I made extra 30+% from Supermx and 70+% from Supermx-C91 just within one week ! And the past week only glove stocks had the strongest movement! Luckily I believe in you uncle and ignore all the comment responses in my post sharing.
Him: Good job! You did well. Always have faith in your own judgement, do not get affected by others but don't get over excited, your investment journey still has a long way to go.

Me: Yes uncle, I will. I wish to learn more from you.
Him: No problem, it's good to share with some one that sincerely wants to learn. This market is very big, as long as you have the right method, you can always have the opportunity to do well.

Me: Uncle, do you think our market can continue to rally or are there any opportunity beside glove stock?
Him: Oh well, definitely the market will remain to be challenging for the second half but if you study carefully there are still many opportunity around because funds somehow will need to be move around in the market.

Me: Good to hear that, I am clueless now if you were to ask me to pick other stocks than glove. Hehe, can you enlighten me again?
Him: Well, it’s normal for a new trader to face such problem, because you still have yet to understand the market well, beside glove, some other sectors are doing pretty well too. For instance technology sector, a few semicon stock just broke new high.

Me: I dint know that! I was busy looking at glove the whole week! Was too excited haha
Him: You should open your eyes to more sector now because glove theme will end one day.

Me: Talking about semicons, why is it so strong?
Him: Semicon is actually a very strong sector in Malaysia, many international companies have invested in our country and gave lots of contracts to local semicon players, during the past week, DUFU, GREATEC, UWC, PENTA break new high, you can see that many have started to recover after MCO.

Me: Oh no, I missed all that, I did not know that many stock broke new high beside gloves ! What cause semicon  to rally so strongly?
Him: Well, COVID has made the world change a lot, technology remain to be very important and 5G is coming, many machine, equipment, chips and component need to get upgrades.

Me: Ok, I must start to do my homework on Semicon stock already, I don’t want to miss out these opportunities.
Him: No worries, there are still plenty of semicon stock that has yet to rally. Since you are here, you look at the SKY, what do you see?

Me: (Its a blue and shiny day with a bit of cloud). Erm.... Sky? Bird? Sun? Cloud?
Him: (him smiling). You got the answer already.

Me: (what? I don’t really know what he was trying to tell me)....
Him: Cloud is the answer, you look at DUFU, because more cloud services are required due to the change of business nature, for example work from home, harddisk demand has gone up rapidly. You can find out what company have similar business with DUFU.

Me: Ok. (I don’t want to ask which company because I don’t want to be spoon fed, worry that he might think that I am lazy).
Him: There are few sector and companies still remain quiet under the radar.

Me: (I was sure my eyes were smiling at this point). Hehe really? So many opportunity in bursa.
Him: Yes, recent change of politics and government have reshape the market again. You have to look at the new government’s direction, what they do, what they did, then you can guess which company will benefit soon.

Me: Is it PHARMA? I just read an article from HLInvest, with the title “Back to the Good Old Days”? Sounds like they will benefit from this new government.
Him: You got it right, this is one of the company in my mind. They are the key player to support all the local hospital and clinics. No one can replace them easily, especially during such a difficult period of time, handling the needs of local hospital is not easy. The result in earning has already shown significant recovery and this company is strongly backed by our local big fund, lembaga tabung angkatan tentera, this fund will definitely do something. The new government also will not let this fund lose money as it's an important fund in our country.

Me: (Everytime he mention about this fund and that fund, I start to get confuse, so I just nod my head). I agree.
Him: Beside this company, construction companies will be the next important sector to monitor too.

Me: Why? Is it because most of the project will resume progress?
Him: Yes part of it and another reason is that the recent government is a pro construction government, during BN time, they love to announce all the mega projects like HSR, ECRL, LRT 3, BANDAR MALAYSIA, PAN BORNEO. In order to get continuous support from those company and people, these projects will definitely become the key of all.

Me: Wow, thanks for all the sharing, I think I have some ideas again. You areso kind uncle!
Him: Nowdays young people are not willing to learn, if you act like you know everything, you are outside my gate already! haha!

Me: Thanks uncle once again. I shall visit you soon!
Him: You are always welcome!

After I got back home, I did my research and found another company is involved heavily in the hardisk business, JCY.

Besides, many doubt that my uncle is fake, those ridiculous funny comment, asking why a fund manager would retire. He wish to enjoy his life but I am very sure he is still in the stock market.

I not yet find out what stock for construction, hopefully some one can share with me.

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