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Carepls has released very good Q2 2020 result and achieved profit after tax (PAT) of 20.8M after minus a one-off gain of 15.4M is not counted as profit from selling gloves.

This is a good news to all glove stocks and might push the market sentiment to gloves on Monday. Will the share prices of all gloves rise on Monday?

Before proceed to the below technical analysis, please read below posts:

This post is shared on 29th May 2020, mentioning resistance breakout at 1.18 that served as a strong support to buy more!!

This post is analyzing TOPGLOV, the share price movement on next week.

As of 24 July 2020, CAREPLS has been on a strong uptrend as suggested by the upward sloping 20-Day and 50-Day Moving Averages. The current best collection range is from RM 2.24 to RM 2.46. Depending on the market sentiment and news, CAREPLS and gloves might gap up open and go lower between 930am to 1030am. It might further rebound before the afternoon break session.

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