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KUALA LUMPUR (July 29): HLT Global Bhd said it is seeking legal advice after noticing that “HLT-branded" gloves were being sold online, and alleged that Kluster Bumi Sdn Bhd and ILH Global Holdings Sdn Bhd had falsely claimed to be dealing with the company.

“It has been brought to our notice that there is a brand of gloves with the name 'HLT' being sold online. Please take notice that our subsidiary HL Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd does not manufacture gloves under this brand name and we do not sell gloves online,” the glove company said in a notice on its website.

HLT Global also said there is a brand of disposable nitrile gloves branded “TYERONGuard” or “Tyeron”, distributed by Kluster Bumi which had claimed to be a distributor of HL Rubber Industries.

"Take note that HL Rubber Industries does not manufacture gloves under this “TYERONGuard” or “Tyeron” brand name, and has not appointed Kluster Bumi as its distributor," the company said, adding that it had no dealings whatsoever with Kluster Bumi.

The company also announced it does not have any dealings with ILH Global, which had issued a quotation claiming that it sells nitrile gloves under the brand name "HL Rubber".

“Take further notice that we shall not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any person for any reaction, effect or consequence that may arise or be resulted from the use of such a brand of gloves or any brand of gloves purported to be manufactured by HL Rubber Industries.

“We are seeking legal advice on the course of action against Kluster Bumi and ILH Global, and such other parties which may have acted against interests and rights of HL Rubber Industries,” the company said.

Against this backdrop, its share price hit an all-time high and at 10.24am, HLT Global shares stood at RM1.32, up 20 sen or 17.86%.

The counter had surged 633.33% year-to-date from 18 sen.

The glove company had a market capitalisation of RM576.59 million at the record share price. Around 75.46 million shares were transacted.

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