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IRIS- Technical Buy 
1) Buy signal was generated on 30th Jun 2020 , the last two days of trading there are more confimation of a strong uptrend intact with the "flame" symbol.
2) Can buy when it retrace below 0.2 levels should it happen , or buy and hold now.
3) Strong uptrend intact, with the retracement in between which will be supported by the moving average line.

EP: 0.22 / 0.2 below for retracement / 0.24 when breakout from recent high
TP1: 0.28
TP2: 0.41

Just a simple analysis with my automated trading system for buy sell ,together with Technical Analysis. For those who are interested in TA teaching and setups for signals , pls pm me.
I will also teach you how to use this system, setup ur own conditions for signal triggered, and also help u programme ur own custom signal. I will also teach u what are the conditions paired with the signals for a good BUY.

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