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 Something is being cooked somewhere?

Like a volcano with underground movement, something must be going on quite substantially with IQZAN.

Yes, we are talking about a PN17 company that is so eager to be released from the PN17 status.

In December 2019, the name was changed to IQZAN. Unlike other PN17 companies, the change of name is an early sign for the owners to become very ambitious.

On 21 Jul 2020, a sudden spike in volume traded took place. It is like a tsunami warning. The peak of RM 0.20 took place on 23 July with the respective OHLC of RM 0.120, RM 0.20, RM 0.120, and RM 0.135.

The difference of RM 0.08 between the lowest and the highest.

I reckon that a potential White Knight is emerging very soon in a bit to turnaround IQZAN. And, some people are predicting that either a mask or glove manufacturer is coming in.

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