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This morning, I manage to meet my uncle for a breakfast chat. Before sharing our chat, just to share some joy and pain.

My JCY go limt up last week ! Thanks god at least I have one stock go limit up as well, and I sell it all already since already go beyond 100%. Thanks to my uncle always remind me to look at the sky and hinting me about this stock.

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Unfornately, EDGENTA goes another way round, its painful since so many stock go limit up but this one exactly doing healthcare business been moving down. Anyway I still holding.

So below are some of our conversation during breakfast meeting with my uncle:

Me: Thanks uncle for your JCY!! It's so unbelieable that this stock can move up so fast !
Him: Thanks to the market, it's never been so good for a long time already.

Me: Yeah, so many stock go limit up last few week, how come can be so crazy? Those company many don't seen doing well so far.
Him: Yes you are right, must be extra careful because market has been over reacting on news and themes. Because of GLOVE stock been moving up so much, they though that stock related to COVID can also move as much as GLOVES stock which actually not, many of those company not even start their business yet. It's a bubble already, must be very careful.

Me: I can see that too, too obvious, but many still willing to chase limit up price. I am feeling sorry when selling my JCY at limit up price.
Him: It's cruel but true, many are really way over reacting, based on last Friday movement, many stock starting to fall, it's a very bad sign already.

Me: Ok Uncle, I will remember that. By the way, why EDGENTA go another way round, its painful to see it drop when other stock go up like crazy.
Him: Those that have no patience have been cutting loss selling down EDGENTA, because they go to chase those stock that moving limit up. This stock is heavily hold by big fund, so retailer and some shark not interested to push it up. Plus last Friday Glove stock leading the fall, people been panic selling emotionally.

Me: I have confident with the company but the price keep on falling, it's killing my confident.
Him: Just be patience, wait the result out and see how it goes. Don't have to be worry.

Me: Should I buy some more?
Him: Look at this way, the company is the largest Hospital Support services player in Southeast Asia, and they actually doing a lot services which related to COVID-19. Just market din't reliaze it and ignoring it. It's very rare opportunity if you know what I mean.

Me: Yes, I should not affected by the price movement and forget about the company itself. I do strongly believe that the company will be doing well in future especially they are in this healthcare sector. Thank you uncle to give me confident.
Him: Just remember, don't chase when stock running high, it's same to your JCY and PHARMA.

Me: I know what should I do already uncle !!

After this breakfast meeting with my Uncle, I have more confident and know what should I do already. I strongly believe that this company have good fundamental and pay good dividend yield, why I should scare when price go down?


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