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 Dear shareholders / investors of ARB Berhad (7181),

I had invested in the company since 2018. I had witnessed the ups and downs of the company, the exponential growth and dramatic change in business model. As an investor of the company myself, I have to clarify something extremely sad and hard truth about the company.

The truth is, after days of investigations, we had confirmed that the accounts that are attacking ARBB comes from a similar group of people. So one might think, surely these people had too much time on their hand aye?

No. There's the furthest from the truth.

The truth is, these people are investors and / or traders of ARBB themselves. So why are they attacking the company / new management?

It's simple. There's people are collecting the shares of ARBB at strong support level (If you noticed the trend of ARBB, the company's share price has been moving in a very tight range), and dispose it simultaneously when they spread negativity in this forum.

You can match the time of large disposal of shares and the timing of negative comments.

They had done this numerous times, and although I hate to admit it, but these people do influence new investors. So, I really like to thank people who stand up for ARBB, my salute to you, who is insightful and intelligent enough to not get swayed by such attacks.

These group of people had been reported to 2 entity, namely the MCMC and SC. So, I hope they would do something soon. But if they don't (Or they simply can't), we will have to stand out and keep reminding investors to stay away from the negative comments and focus on the growth prospects of the company.

    Again, with ARBB's recent 4 quarters of cumulative RM 36.40 Million, them having a market cap of RM 135 Million is not an understatement, but ultra-undervalued.

So, let's fight against these manipulators of share price and let the market discover the true value of ARBB!


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