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Dow Jones: 27,791.44 pts (+357.96pts, +1.30%)
⬆ Resistance:  28400
⬇ Support:  26100

FBM KLCI: 1,571.66 pts (-6.48pts, -0.41%)
⬆ Resistance:  1630
⬇ Support:  1520

HSI Index: 24,377.43 pts (-154.19pts, -0.63%)
⬆ Resistance:  25800
⬇ Support:  23700

Crude Palm Oil: RM2,709 (-RM49, -1.78%)
⬆ Resistance:  2870
⬇ Support:  2650

Brent Oil: $44.99 (+$0.59, +1.33%)
⬆ Resistance:  47.20
⬇ Support:  42.40

Gold: $2,027.34 (-$8.21, -0.40%)
⬆ Resistance:  2120
⬇ Support:  1930

M+ Online Technical Trading Stocks - 11 Aug 20

Stock Name: HIBISCS (5199)
Entry: Buy around RM0.605
Target: RM0.645 (6.6%), RM0.685 (13.2%)
Stop: RM0.57 (-5.8%)
Shariah: Yes
Technical: Hammer candle

Stock Name: CARIMIN (5257)
Entry: Buy above RM0.685
Target: RM0.75 (9.5%), RM0.78 (13.9%)
Stop: RM0.64 (-6.6%)
Shariah: Yes
Technical: Monitor for breakout

Source: Bloomberg, M+ Online


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