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 Nowadays investing is difficult. Even it you're holding the golden hen that lay golden egg which is glove counters.

First of all, glove stock is the most outstanding performer in our Bursa casino. Glove stocks have very strong fundamental during times like this.

I'm not trying to ask you to buy or sell but merely to put down the facts for you to consider:

1. Fundamentals - One thing you guys must understand, even if a stock have strong fundamentals, if there are no supporters and buyers, it will not move up.

2. Market participants - This meaning your shareholders and investors who are holding the share of the counter. Quality shareholder and investors refers to people who understand the intrinsic value of the Company, and know very well what they're doing, even with fluctuations up and down they will still stick to their plan. The opposite of this are investors or gamblers that know nothing about what they're buying and easily panic. Even a bit of downside on the stock below the cost they incur they could not sleep well at night.

I was reading the news morning today and noted that there are stockbroker who had instructed its remisiers that their clients had to settle payment one day (T1) after the transaction date instead of the usual two days. This is not a good news for glove counters because there's a restriction. For glove holders, this mean something. When this kind of news is out, first of all you need to think why this stockbroker is doing so. For this, it will be mainly due to the six-month automatic moratorium which will end on Sept 30 which is soon. This broker is conservative, they do not want to incur any unecessary losses when the retailer side could not pay up.

In the case let's say we're at end of Sept which is Sept 30, and there are people who actually chased high for glove stocks and are still in the red, so what can they do when the time for their loan payment comes? Well they would have to sell their stock to get cash. So what will happen if these people sell down their shares? Well, share price will drop. If the category of people here of that situation is not many, it will not affect the share price that much? If in the event there is a lot of such people who during the deferment of loan actually used those money to play in share market then what's the impact? I'm laying out all these because ask questions like this and you will be able to make a beter decision.

I mentioned (2) market participants - Everytime I see glove stocks, confirmed got people mentioned about vaccine. I find it very funny. If you want to find reason to crash the stock right, please find another better, more fresh idea which is more convincing. I always tell people go ask your doctor friend to confirm if its true. However, for supporters of glove counters which falls in the quality and informed investors, please don't underestimate the idiots that always talk about vaccine because there are idiots that even after knowing there is not much impact, they will actually go and sell their shares. And one after another panic. I was reading one of the comments for Supermax saying Stanley Thai's case actually have impact on Supermax. What a joke, seriously. What I want to tell the supporters is, don't underestimate the power of these idiots. When you're holding steadily, a bit of negative news can shake them into selling their holdings.

As you guys know, penny shares had crash during the week, and I dare to tell you a lot of people got burned. Liquidity is actually impacted because some of these people are from glove stocks and they switch to penny. So when they're wiped out, there are lesser people around. So when lesser people around means, how optimistic you are on glove stocks also, you need to lower down a bit of your expectation based on this. Like I mentioned earlier, you need players to push up the shares, since short selling is not allowed currently.

So there are few cases of players in the market:

1. Investors who are stil in a profit in glove stocks currently and you still think glove stocks would still go up - Well you might want to hold or maybe take some profit, it's entirely up to you. This category is the most steady group because they are in a position to think and act rationally.

2. Investors who bought high and are in the red currently, I'm not sure if you're bleeding a little or a lot but one thing I'm sure. You're definetely not the steady type. Some might have already panic. I urge you to take into considerations the things I've wrote and make a sound decision.

For supporters of glove companies, I'm not trying to tell those in red to sell, but merely ask them to think. If you're a supporter of glove counters, you won't want some idiots keep telling people all around about negative negative things and crash your stock. So for some people it's better for them to dissapear so the group that remains are quality investors/shareholders, which in turn will stick together for the share price to move higher. If everyday also spread negative negative things, how the share going to go up?

However, for supporters, you need to keep your expectations lower currently because of the factors I've mentioned. If you go casino, more and more players are wiped up due to penny stock crash, your participants actually had decreased. So for a stock to go up you need supporters and more the better.

I rest my case.

Some clarrifications

If you can't understand what I've written above, meaning your personality is always wanting people to tell what you should do and how to do, even if its not in your best interest.

Different people have different situation as in how much money they have currently and all of us are in tough times. One month plus time period is not far from us. What I want to hint here is that when the time comes, will you have enough cash to settle your amount dues? Most of us have family and most of the people here are guys in i3investor. Another way of saying is please plan to manage your loans, dues etc. How you manage your glove stocks is up to you. Another point is if last time say for example your TP might be RM10, maybe due to current situation of brokerage make it T1, so maybe should be more prudent to lower your TP to maybe RM7 for example. I want you to think in terms of your current situation. Fairy tale time is over, reality is soon here. No one will know it better than you yourself. If you buy glove companies with your extra cash, no issues. But reason being this article is written is many are not with extra cash.

"When you're in pain, only you would know the pain and feel it and face it alone". Not other people. Hence make decision based on your own best interest, not other people's own interest. Only you know what it is.


The research, information and financial opinions expressed in this article are purely for information and educational purpose only. We do not make any recommendation for the intention of trading purposes nor is it an advice to trade. Although best efforts are made to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date, occasionally errors and misprints may occur which are unintentional. It would help if you did not rely upon the material and information in this article. We will not be liable for any false, inaccurate, incomplete information and losses or damages suffered from your action. It would be best if you did your own research to make your personal investment decisions wisely or consult your investment advisor.


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