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DATE : 01 August 2020

Current Price: RM1.89
Target Price: TP1 = RM2.30 / TP2 = RM4.00
Last target : RM6 (Mac-2021 - Last target depend on COVID-19 situation)
"I have no doubt after I went through more details on this vessel engine. I am captain for KGT, I did called my crew to onboard, so "The captain is last to leave a sinking ship". Lets see tomorrow another round to LIMIT UP!"
"Do you believe it? - Kim


HLT Global Berhad through its sole subsidiary, HL Advance Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd (HL Advance), is principally involved in the design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of glove-dipping lines, the provision of upgrading and modification works for glove-dipping lines, and the supply and trading of associated parts and components.
The glove-dipping lines produced by them can be designed to cater for the manufacturing of natural and/or synthetic rubber gloves.
Their customers are rubber glove manufacturing companies involved in the production of natural and/or synthetic rubber gloves used across various industries including medical, industrial and food processing industries.
Since their  commencement of business operations in 2009, their products have been sold within Malaysia and to other countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India and Saudi Arabia.

  • HLT good business prospect and they are willing to grow rapidly due to COVID-19 pandemic within a short-term.
  • HLT exporter countries much more potentiality high sales.
  • HLT financial going to be more psositive and grow more than 2 conservative quaters.
  • HLT Eps next 1 and 2 quaters will going up easily and can make more profit in the current year than last year.
  • HLT demands order from their regular customers sustainable and keep increasing.

  1. Design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of glove-dipping lines
They possess the technical knowledge and experience in designing, fabricating, installing, testing and commissioning of glove-dipping lines that meet our customers' requirements on production efficiency and effectiveness. Through customising on, inter-alia, the overall speed and length of conveyor chain, design of dipping tank and oven, and heating system, their glove-dipping lines are designed and manufactured with the aim of:-
  • attaining greater production efficiency through optimal utilisation of resources (such as energy costs and compounded solution utilised), increased automation and production output per hour, thereby achieving the desired production capacity of their customers; and

  • manufacturing quality end-products, i.e., rubber gloves, that conform to our customers' specifications, in terms of end-product attributes, such as the Acceptable Quality Level and physical properties

          2. Provision of upgrading and modification works for glove-dipping lines
  • In addition to the fabrication and installation of new glove-dipping lines, they also provide upgrading and modification works for their customers, particularly on the upgrading of their existing glove-dipping lines in terms of production output per hour, or modification of the relevant components of their existing glove-dipping lines for the purpose of manufacturing different types and quality of rubber glove. As opposed to a complete glove-dipping line, upgrading and modification works require their supply of selected components which form part of the glove-dipping lines.
          3. Supply and trading of the associated parts and components
  • They also supply the associated parts and components of glove-dipping line, such as conveyor chain, bearings, former holders, beading brushes and washing brushes, to their customers, as and when required. These parts and components, which are sourced from third party manufacturers, are typically used as replacement parts due to general wear and tear.


1.  HLT Global Bhd’s  which specialises in setting up production lines at rubber glove manufacturing plants.
2.  The company also holds a 55% stake in HL Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd which manufactures rubber gloves.
3.  HLT Global has also jumped onto the pandemic bandwagon. In April, HLT announced that it was venturing into distributing Covid-19 test kits.
4.  HL Advance Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd had entered into a distributor agreement with Accobiotech Sdn Bhd for the distribution of Covid-19 rapid test kits around the world for an initial period of one year from April 20, 2020 to April 20, 2021.

HLT - Comparing the result from Q4'19 vs Q1'20. Attribute to the impairment loss from customer and high operating cost incurred on Q4'19 that caused HLT suffer a net loss of RM2.2mil. Otherwise, HLT may easily generate a consistent Net profit on every quarter from Q2'19 with the effort from the management to monitor and improve the cost control even the revenue is dropping from the passed three quarters. The future prospects of this company is very good as the management is positively looking for better results from the coming quarter due to high demand.


HLT - After the long accumulation of the stock price from Jun'20 to July'20. Finally it does not disappointed all of us and skyrocket up to the sky. Can it still move higher with this kind of chart pattern? My answer to you is Yes. And what is the TP? RM4....Yes is RM4. Don't you believe it!!! Don't wait until it reach RM4 you only realize that. In that time, is too late for you to grab a good return from this Counter!!!!

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