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I don't write about Penny Stocks usually because it is not my strength area as it defies my logic. However this Company seems to be on the verge of turnaround which I have look into it.
Business Background
JAG Bhd is an investment holding company with six reportable segments: Manufacturing, Trading, Services, Proprietary Solutions, and Software Maintenance, Investment and Property Development. Manufacturing involves recycling and manufacturing activities of extraction, production, and refinery of ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals via industrial and electronic waste. Trading includes trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Services include operating coin-operated laundry business. Proprietary solutions include computer software development, maintenance, and support services. Property development includes buy, sell, rent and operate self-owned or leased real estate land, property development, and project management. Most of the firm's revenue is derived from China and Malaysia.
It is also depending on the semi-conductor business
There are some good pointers written by MartinMystery which you could find in the following link:
I will add my pointers below:
1) The Company had been proposed for share consolidation of 4 shares to 1 in June 2020 - Since they are trading precious metal just google the chart of Gold this year. It's been going up. Since the Company brought up the share consolidation in June means they already know their performance for quarter 2 results and gold have been flying high. Other counters already start moving.
Another point of share consolidation is because the share price can't move much due to the big chunk of roadblock I think all of you also know for penny stock to go up 0.5 sen sometimes take ages, hence it make sense that in order to make the share move faster and higher this is important. Lesser shares easier for you to push up. Like Top Glove because it is so expensive already, they issue bonus shares for you so it is affordable. This is the opposite case. 
Gold chart

Below is Poh Kong chart


2) Substantial shareholder have been buying aggressively, recently Dato Ng Aik Kee bought 35,000,000 shares on 3 August 2020. Prior to this you can check the announcement, he also bought a lot of shares this year. The coming Q2 announcement will be on 17 August 2020. That shows something. 
3) In the quarter 1 report it was mentioned the following:

I want you to focus on the last part. Those inventories are carried at lower of cost or net realisable value. So usually it will be at cost. So now, the price of precious metal have already skyrocket so it make sense that these could be realised at a higher price.
4) The financial performance shows that it seems like turning around. Refer below. The next quarter report will be on 17 August which is around 1 week from now. Will this coming quarter report an even better result? I don't know, you decide.

No TP given, because not my area in penny stocks. However this stock is worth watching. Those looking to punt warrants, I hope you don't. It's expiring in November 2020. If you're a gambler go ahead since it's your nature. I see a lot of penny stock which has warrant a lot of people go punting. Yes your gain might be high, but please be prepared to lose everything. Exercise price is RM0.15. So how also you you can't exercise you lose everything by then for punting. I'm warning you because lots of people have no idea what they're buying into.
After writting this article, they have an important announcement relating to renewable energy so read about it, announcement 6/8/2020.
Update 6/8/2020 5.32pm - So the notice of the ex date of share consolidation is out and will be on 21/8/2020. Hence it will be eligible for trading (which is the consolidated shares on 25/8/2020). As I mentioned, I project the quarter 2 results will be out on 17/8/2020.  In the event it is not out during the week of 17/8/2020, I think they will release it either on 24/8/2020 or 25/8/2020 to push it up upon the completion of consolidation. Only good news can push share price up right after the number of shares become lesser? This is my my view and only a sharing. Your buy and sell decision is solely yours.
The research, information and financial opinions expressed in this article are purely for information and educational purpose only. We do not make any recommendation for the intention of trading purposes nor is it an advice to trade. Although best efforts are made to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date, occasionally errors and misprints may occur which are unintentional. It would help if you did not rely upon the material and information in this article. We will not be liable for any false, inaccurate, incomplete information and losses or damages suffered from your action. It would be best if you did your own research to make your personal investment decisions wisely or consult your investment advisor.


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