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Jaks Hai Duong Power Plant Construction Progress Update

Dates Major Events
July 21 The No. 1 unit of the 2 x 600MW Hai Duong Coal-Fired Power Plant Project was officially put on commissioning stage
July 21 - 23 Boilers 1 and 2 of Unit 1 successfully fired up
July 25
Unit 1 Turbine successfully rolled and stabilised at 3,000 rotation per minute (rpm)
August 3 Unit 2 boliers successfully completed steam blow 
August 5 Main unit transformer was successfully charged and the generator completed no-load and short-circuit tests
August 7
Unit 1 of the power plant successfully synchronised with the national grid

What more to be done on Unit 1 before COD ?
  • 336 hours Trial Run for Reliability and Stress tests, and
  • Capacity Performance Tests
When is the expected date of COD ?
  • October 2020 - Unit 1
  • Jan/Feb 2021 - Unit 2

What is the significance of COD?
Once the power plant unit achieved commercial operation date (COD), it begins to receive capacity and energy payments from Vietnam EVN.

An equivalent power plant in Vietnam, Mong Duong II, distributed a total of USD325 millions (RM1.4 billion) to its shareholders in Q2 2020.

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