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KHJB (0210) KIM HIN JOO (MALAYSIA) BERHAD: Double Catalysts with Baby Boom Boost & Booming Toy Demand - PART I

As at 31 December 2019, our retail business consists of 19 Mothercare outlets and 12 ELC SIS nationwide. To fuel our expansion further, we have embarked into the toy market by bringing The Entertainer brand from the UK to Malaysia with the first outlet which was opened on 19 June 2020 at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Klang Valley.
Source: Kim Hin Joo (Malaysia) Berhad Annual Report 2019
1. Mothercare outlets: Baby Boom Boost - 12 May 2020
Source: The Star
Extract of Important Notes:
Source: The Star
2. KHJB: Our E-Commerce Sales Rose Substantially.
Also, Selling Sanitizers for Kids!?
Source: mothercare.com.my
KHJB: We mainly focus on essentials. E-commerce sales rose substantially.

3. Kim Hin Joo opens first “The Entertainer” outlet in Malaysia - 26 June 2020

Source: The Sun Daily
KHJB: “We are of the view that introduction of The Entertainer outlets in Malaysia will contribute to an increase of sales.”

4. Coronavirus: “Great Demand” for Toys. Toys and Games that Saved lockdown.

" Hasbro stock soared Monday morning after CEO Brian Goldner told CNBC that the company was experiencing strong demand during the coronavirus pandemic.” .
Source: CNBC

5. IPO Price at RM0.43, Current Price at RM0.21 as of 5 August 2020

More than 100% Upside should it move back to its IPO price, with current strong related healthcare theme.

This is the Part I.
Some other detailed information, some key points and analysis may be brought forward to PART II.
Some other relevant areas may be discussed in PART II, such as its net cash position, current share price as of 5 August 2020 only traded at its NTA (where many related listed entities have traded from 100% to 500% above its NTA), comparable company analysis, its competitive advantage, e-commerce & digitalization strategy and others.
Stay Tuned!
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