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Oh Mesti.

Why OMESTI has been slow in rocketing? Probably due to a negative blip for a non-material development project cancellation.


But, market has been waking up to Oh Mesti.

Country wide solution developed. New revenue stream. Will fly better than AppAsia performance.


Huawei Premier Partner in Telco stuffs. Won TM Core project.


Microlink, a member of the group rocketed.


NIIS deal coming.


Potential Surprise Catalyst:

* 5G Key Winner

* NIIS Indirect Beneficiary (OMESTI owns several ICT distributors which supply stuffs to tenderers if they did actually partnered up.)

* More Gov Deals won

A potential winner in the making:

* RM0.735 per share for LOW market cap of 390M+-

* As of AR2019, 95% of shares owned by 185 shareholders. Little available shares out there.


* Delay in 5G/NIIS Party

* Didnt get any cake from NIIS.

* Immediate QR may not be so nice.

* Any substantial stakeholders cashing out.

* Other market events overshadow.

* GE

*** This is not a post to suggest buy or sell. Take your own risk pls.


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