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 [OPENSYS M BHD:推出现金回收机(“ CRM”)带来的收入增加和Windows 10平台的升级]

本季度的税前利润(“ PBT”)从320.5万令吉增长10.5%至354.3万令吉,主要是由于其服务部门的贡献增加。截至目前为止,这集团的PBT增长了9.6%,达590.9万令吉,而去年同期为539万令吉。

截至2020年6月30日的本季度收入为2005.8万令吉,而截至2020年3月31日的上一季度为1722.9万令吉,主要是由于推出现金回收机(“ CRM”)带来的收入增加和Windows 10平台的升级。相应地,集团在本季录得354.3万令吉的税前盈利(“ PBT”),高于上一季的236.6万令吉。


他们的管理团队正在密切监视和评估Covid-19的影响,将一线员工,客户和社区的健康与安全放在首位,以确保在这一充满挑战的时期中保持基本服务的连续性。迄今为止,MCO尚未对集团业务造成任何重大破坏。他们将继续密切监视Covid-19危机,并正在采取必要步骤以减轻与该危机相关的任何风险。如果这种史无前例的健康和经济危机不会持续太久,OpenSys预计,由于其收入是recurring nature,其集团的业绩在截至2020年12月31日的财政年度将继续令人满意。
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d. OPENSYS M BHD, recommended on 24 May 20, initial price was RM0.355, rose to RM1.07, dividend RM0.0025, in 3 months, total return is 202.1%

e. KAREX BHD, recommended on 20 Oct 19, initial price was RM0.445, rose to RM1.07, dividend RM0.015, in 10 months 4 days, total return is 143.8%

f. KKB ENGINEERING BHD, recommended on 1 Jul 18, initial price was RM0.795, rose to RM1.65, dividend RM0.04, in 2 Years 1 month 23 days, total return is 112.6%

g. PERAK TRANSIT BHD, recommended on 19 Jul 20, initial price was RM0.18, rose to RM0.27, in 1 month 5 days, total return is 50%

h. DESTINI BHD, recommended on 24 Sep 19, initial price was RM0.20, rose to RM0.30, in 11 months, total return is 50%

i. MGB BHD, recommended on 1 March 20, initial price was RM0.565, rose to RM0.83, in 5 months 23 days , total return is 46.9%

j. PROLEXUS BHD, recommended on 25 Aug 19, initial price was RM0.455, rose to RM0.665, dividend RM0.003, in 11 months 30 days , total return is 46.8%

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[OPENSYS M BHD: roll-out of the Cash Recycling Machine (“CRM”) and Windows 10 platform upgrade]

This quarter, profit before tax (“PBT”) grew 10.5% to RM3.543 million from RM3.205 million, mainly due to higher contribution from their services segment. For the current year to date, the Group achieved 9.6% growth in PBT at RM5.909 million as compared to RM5.390 million in the preceding corresponding period.

The higher revenue of RM20.058 million for the current quarter ended 30 June 2020 as compared to RM17.229 million for the preceding quarter ended 31 March 2020 was mainly attributed to higher revenue from the roll-out of the Cash Recycling Machine (“CRM”) and Windows 10 platform upgrade. Correspondingly, the Group posted a higher profit before tax (“PBT”) of RM3.543 million for current quarter as compared to the PBT of RM2.366 million in the preceding quarter.

During the MCO and CMCO periods their Group received permission from the authorities to continue field operations on a 50% reduced staffing level throughout the periods as their business is designated as essential services to financial institutions and utility companies. Their Group has since returned to full operations with the implementation of RMCO.

Their management team is closely monitoring and assessing the impact of Covid-19, prioritising the health and safety of their frontline employees, customers and the communities ensuring the continuity of essential services in this challenging period. To date, their Group has not witnessed any significant disruption to the business due to the MCO. Their Group will continue to monitor the Covid-19 crisis closely and is taking the necessary steps to mitigate any risks related to this crisis. If this unprecedented health and economic crisis is not prolonged, OpenSys expects that the performance of their Group will continue to be satisfactory for the financial year ending 31 December 2020 due to the recurring nature of their revenue stream.
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