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Dear valued readers,
Q4 2020 result of Supermx        
Revenue = 929 million, Monthly Revenue    310
PBT = 519 million, Monthly PBT     173
Monthly Manufacturing cost        137
From analyst briefing slides dated 11/8/2020    
Assume monthly manufacturing cost increases 15%   158
Assume additional 3.3 billion capacity increase (15%).   356
July month price increases 15%      
Revenue = 356*1.15         409
PBT =  356*1.15-158         204
August month price increases 30%       
Revenue = 409*1.30         532
PBT =  409*1.30-158         374
September month price increases 30%       
Revenue = 532*1.30         692
PBT =  532*1.3-158         534
Total PBT (Q1 2021)         1112
Less 25% tax         278
PAT           834
PAT 120 million carried forward from Q4 2020     120
Total PAT           954
PAT = 400 million, share price = 21.20      
PAT = 954, The target price        50.56
My strategy
  1. I wish to share this article with all readers in I3. Please advise me if you spot any mistake on my part.
  2. During the analyst briefing after the Q4 2020 result is out, all analysts are informed that 150 million PBT or 120 million PAT was not captured in time for the Q4 2020 result. This amount is carried forward to Q1 2021.
  3. In the month of July 2020, the selling price of the glove increased by 15%.
  4. In August and September 2020, the selling price of gloves increased by 30%.
  5. I believe Q1 2021 result will be better than Q4 2020.  
  6. The most important criteria for the share price of stock to go up north is the growth of PAT or EPS. There is a strong growth in PAT in Q1 2021 result.  
  7. According to my calculation, PAT in Q1 2021 result is 954 million. The target price is 50.56.
  8. The share price of Supermx closed at 18.88 today, the target price is 50.56. The potential gain is 168%. 
  9. I believe the Q1 2021 result will be released in October 2020. 
  10. There is a bonus issue of 1 to 1. The ex date is 7 September 2020. Buy and hold to take up this bonus issue.
  11. You will get 1,000 of treasury shares for 45,000 shares held as dividend payment after bonus issue ex date.
  12. I recommend holding on to the share until Q1 2021 result is out. You will get your bonus issue and you will be able to sell at a higher price since Q1 2021 is supposed to be very good.  
  13. The share price of Supermx will explode when Q1 2021 result is released in October 2020 like the share price of Carepls.
  14. I have checked many times, I believe there is no error at all. Please wait for the Q1 2021 result to be released and let us verify what is the true PAT.
  15. Dumb ... dumb hold this stock will be a better strategy not to miss out in this super bull run.
  16. Based on my study, the best month to buy stocks in KLSE is July/August month, usually the share price will go up until December month provided the trend of these stocks is up trending.
  17. You need to buy and hold Supermx for 5 months in order to win big.
  18. My strategy to buy and hold Supermx until Christmas 2020. 
  19. I strongly believe Supermx will be incorporated into FBMKLCI index link stocks at the end of 2020. Many fund managers will buy Supermx into their portfolios.
  20. I believe the share price of Supermx will outperform at the end of 2020 once Supermx is inside the FBMKLCI index link stocks.
The final decision to buy is always yours.
Thank you.
寧可天下人負我, 休教我負天下人
Disclaimer :
Please be informed that the aforesaid stocks are solely for the purpose of education only ; it is neither a trading advice nor an invitation to trade. For trading advice, please speak to your remisier or dealer representative.
The final decision to buy is always yours.

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