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Stock to watch: PHB (4464) PEGASUS HEIGHTS BHD

 On 6th July 2020, I have wrote a blog regarding PHB when the share price is hitting 0.02sen which was at the 2 years high.

After a month, the share price is hitting 0.04 sen (increased of 100%) which the high volume traded. The momentum for PHB is very strong as the share price broke the psychological level of 0,03sen. This is similar with what PDZ and ANZO traded pattern when the share price is going to Fly.

It is interesting to know that the major shareholder Dato' Sri Lee See Yang is disposed 5% (501,218,532 shares) in off market. This given the signal that this company will have the new shareholder into the company. Who is the buyer for this 5%???

Furthermore, this company had some politic background in the past (related to the son of previous Malaysia PM). Sabah's coming state election may also give some impact to this company.

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