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For some Supermax shareholders, this coming Monday could be like the 16th Sept 1992….the day where George Soros bet big against the British Pound Sterling. Will history repeat here with Supermax results?

For those that did not know the outcome, he pocketed over a billion dollars and almost brought the Bank of England to its knees…winkWill critics be proven wrong and believers redeemed?

To allay your concerns, the Consortium of Independent Analyst will present here some factual data. Whether this would be a hints of its super performance or just a bane, that is up for you to judge.

The graph below shows the Actual Medical Glove Export Value from Malaysia ranging from 2019 until June 2020, and mathematically projected from July until Dec 2020 the latter also known forecast. 

These information is extracted from statistical export data of the relevant government department of Malaysia. It is based on FOB value which is close approximation to the OEM value.

How do we know if the forecast is correct?  Well, let's examine this further. Many of us are aware on the rapid increase of new Covid cases globally. Here is a graph extracted from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/


If we superimpose the patter of the increase in number of cases with the forecast of glove exports, here is what you will find;


It is no coincidence that both patterns show a very close correlation.Here is our consensus with results for Supermax in the near future.

Revenue increase follows the share of business contribution by Supermax to the total export value from Malaysia.

PAT Margin too increases, and so will the PAT values is driven by ASP increases while cost still maintaining almost the same.

The Consortium of Independent Analyst wish to express here is that there is more future to Supermax for the coming quarters.

Disclaimer…This is not an advice to buy or sell. It is just for education and sharing purpose.
CiA do not take accountability for any trading occurring from our information disseminated.


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