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TOPGLOV & SUPERMX TP: The simplest way to know

Aug 22, 2020 4:19 AM | Report Abuse

This attempts to show the prospective TP for GLOVE.ROUND.3 which is on the way now.
These high growth stocks will likely over shoot the TP on the upside, driven up by super high PAT in every QR.
Last week's fast n deep correction was a big shake out. Monday morning of Aug 17th was the lowest pt of the longkang = correction.
The glove s/holders left holding tightly now would continue to hold for life, hence helping glove stocks stay in super super CORNERED.CONDITION.

The # r the highest daily closing prices at the top end of ROUND 1 n 2:

Pure.Glove ... GLOVE.ROUND.1 ..... GLOVE.ROUND.2 ........... ROUND.3 TP

TOPGLOV ... 6.00 17.08 +11.08 ... 17.08 28.40 +11.32 .. 28.40+11.32= 39.72
SUPERMX ...... 1.86 8.88 +7.02 ..... 8.88 23.78 +14.90 .. 23.78+14.90= 38.68

Big money for s/holders r located in the Dr Elliot major waves presented above in #.
With wave.one well established, wave.three was simply superb.
Wave.five shall be fast n furious to breaking n setting records U could plausibly think of...

Welcome to GLOVE.ROUND.3
The expressway to prospering with Fast n Furious champion stocks... Its never a better time to position for these waves.
The GLOVE.ROUND.3 is officially confirmed when New High is spotted n that stock is sure to fly to the above TP n beyond. The very best prices of glove stocks r yet to come ... .3.

2 Q ? :
a. Which glove stock will be the 1st champion to hit New High to the new blue sky?
b. What could happen to major glove stocks if this pandemic like ww2 stays for 3 years?


 Aug 22, 2020 11:11 AM | Report Abuse

Our # 1 enemy to GLOVES r NOISES n Vaccine news:
how to handle?
stay away from them, pay close attention to increasing PAT in every next QR

but must know your prices or (x2, y2) pt well at all times so that at right timing, u r well prepared to jump n u have to jump asap than others.  that critical pt could be far away...

We saw n had big money in last QR. n big money again in this QR n again next n next........

The only authority, WHO's tone n language is the key to exit pt. we need some sifu to monitor this process.,.


 Aug 22, 2020 9:41 AM | Report Abuse

Msian mkt is very extremely retail driven. Low price stocks fly maximum max UP.

TOPGLOV n SUPERMX should do pretty WELL after ex BI date on Sep 3rd n 4th.

n this mkt has TONNES of big money for those who believe in HOLDING.
It's the sitting that makes us RICH, no rocket science is required.
tis still the time with pure GLOVES .,.

A GOOD strategy to invest in stocks anywhere in the world is:
Stocks that go Bonus Issue n or Split.
Price Action Theory said if the price is higher n stay steady eddy after ex date = BUY
It means that growth stock is under value n price will bull all the way up n UP ...

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