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By msian standard, BIG 4 GLOVES r super huge plc edi.
They must work together asap with world giant IB, i.e. GS, MS, CS or UBS to
conduct road.shows in global financial centres of LONDON, NEW YORK n HONG KONG.
Perhaps start with MS, Morgan Stanley since these gloves r edi in the powerful MSCI.
Its most current list shows only the chosen best promising global growth stocks.

Lots of buy side international funds wish to n must meet up with your mgmt teams.
Only then they will commit big buy. The fund fraternity is eager to talk to you soon. GLOVES r so sexy to them!

When these BIG 4 corporately take this step, Watch out for the next life changing move.
Then every players in KLSE will know what's a multi bagger growth stock looks like?

My guru advised:
High Growth stocks r never too high to buy.
Down trend stocks r never too low to sell.

Most stock players r yet to think that this is a prolong bio.war = ww3.
The world biz is in financial 'war zone' now n could get deeper up to 3 to 5 yrs.
Then blue chips like banks, 2 genting, ONG, etc might have to call RI.
Some big plc names could even kaput completely. in war environment, RISK is the main downside.
For all stock investing, Protect the downside, UPSIDE will take care of itself, shouted by dtrum yrs ago.

30% of amore in US said, they will NEVER take vaccine shots even with usd $1000 incentive each to do so.
In msia, there r so many health craze pple, likely 50% will never bother abt it.
Vaccine is for all super healthy people in the world.
Without long 3-5 yrs proven history of safety n high 98% efficacy, many in the world will not take the multiple shots
even paid to do so. The doctors would not take, how about you?

This smart Indian Dr of IIT has a pt:
“Chasing 2% of the population with a 98% sure cure has a far better probability of success than
chasing 98% of the world population with a 2% surety of safety and efficacy,” he said

       Wishing all


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