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 Today, Jerasia Capital (8931) hit limit up of RM0.30 closed at RM0.63. Jerasia which had announced for EXPANSION OF BUSINESS INTO HEALTHCARE SEGMENT VIA THE MANUFACTURING OF PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) PRODUCTS on 3 Jul 2020 has finally move up today.


I had performed studies check on Bursa Malaysia website and found majority of the stocks linked to Glove and Glove related business, PPE and Masks (Pandemic Bandwagon) have saw their price SKYROCKET. Left with XDL, the only PPE and Masks manufacturer where the share price yet to move.

I had shared an article on XDL (5156) this morning - “XDL (5156) – Another Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Masks counter yet to be discovered in Bursa”


XDL is a good fundamental company with NTA of RM0.80 per share, PE of 4 and net cash position of RMB854,859,000 or RM512.9mil (RM0.28 per share) compared to current market value of RM117mil.

XDL currently trading at RM0.065 with:
52 weeks lowest price - RM0.055
52 weeks highest price - RM0.175

Based on the share price above, XDL is yet to move and high volume was recorded on 4 Aug 2020. A buyer who buy in the share at RM0.065 - RM0.07 has limited downside risk while potential upside gain of more than 300% and more (based on my personal target price of RM0.30). If the price hit limit up of RM0.30, investor of XDL will book in 461% gain based on closing price of RM0.065.

I will continue to sell off my remaining shares in ESCeramic at the right price tomorrow and change to XDL.

Above sharing is not to asking you to buy, buy or sell depends on your own judgement and due diligence.

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