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To cut story short, Uncle highlighted this to me:

1. Top Decliners From The Peak: Comfort and Hartalega

These stocks may have highest chance for deep value play. Usually, only when a Company is near bancruptcy or turned into PN17 you can see this kind of share price reaction (down by more than 30%). The market already treating them like PN17 companies despite all three making better profit quarter after quarter. And we are talking about more than 100% earnings growth against last quarter! I will skip Careplus as the Company sometimes make money sometimes make loss.

2. Vaccine going to solve COVID-19 in short term? Are you trying to be smarter than WHO boss ?

In a recent video by WHO over YouTube, WHO said it hopes to solve
Watch this video:

WHO boss said in the video: "We hope to finish this pandemic before less than two years"

So, whoever that thinks COVID will be resolved in 6 months once vaccine is found MUST BE THINKING HE IS SMARTER THAN WHO.
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