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 Supermax with it's worldwide distribution centres should consider (or already considering ) distributing vaccines. Vaccines and gloves go hand in hand. I will not be shocked when any of the big 4 announce that they are going to distribute the vaccines through their networks in the future.

Somebody has to do it and it might as well be Supermax. Supermax is already supplying gloves to all the hospitals all over the world,NHS in the UK for example. The distribution networks are already in place,Supermax might as well take advantage of this.

Supermax has already gone into making masks and the contact lens business,which is no easy task,don't forget this. There is nothing to stop Supermax from distributing the vaccines when the vaccines are available.

Just imagine what will happen to its share price. Especially now,Supermax is not tired down by any financial constrain. By doing so,it will save a lot of investors time to think whether to invest in pharmaceutical companies or gloves companies.

You get the best of both world. Vaccines are not out yet but when the vaccines are ready don't be shock to see this happening. Don't you dare to think Supermax is not capable of distributing the vaccines when it is available,you will be in for a shock.

The distribution of the vaccines should not be limited to pharmaceutical companies. Food for thought for the week.


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