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 Due to the overwhelm respond/comment from my reader about my recent post against Subur Tiasa in 27th Aug, they have ask me to evaluate more about this company.

Subur Tiasa, Jtiasa and Rsawit are basically control by Tan Sri Datuk Tiong. All this company are base in Sarawak. In Feb 2020, there are new shareholder emerged in Subur with 16.89% off market deal. As usual, Subur is hardly to be traded in normal day due to this stock is very thin volume and cold most of the time.

This company come into my radar after sudden trading volume build in 24 August. The spike of the volume in Subur may due to higher lumber price in US and increase of CPO. Somehow, the privatise of kwantas have increase my interest on subur as both company had higher NTA and low share price(similar situation).

The NTA of Subur is 3.02 and today share price is only 81sen. Although today share price is hitting at 92sen (52 weeks high) but it is still far behind to the NTA of 3.02.

Today's traded volume is at 10 years high, it is predict more upside movement will be continue in this week.


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