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Please read throught these post about TOPGLOVE:
1. https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/bursatrade/2020-09-09-story-h1513408649-TOPGLOV_7113_Time_to_rebound.jsp

2. https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/bursatrade/2020-09-12-story-h1513460321-TOPGLOV_7113_Another_wave_of_rising_or_just_a_rebound_for_escaping.jsp


Today TOPGLOV continue its bullish, prove to us, our decision is correct. When everyone is worried and selling their glove shares, we are the one to continue collect it at the lowest price and having more than 30% profit in just two trading days.


The strong support and resistance level of TOPGLOV are 6.5 and 9.76 respectively. In the previous post, we have mentioned its closing price on Friday is extremely nice but we need more confirmation to check whether it is just a rebound for escaping.

Today, the share price of TOPGLOV gap up open and close above the EMA-20 days. Based on our private group Technical Analysis Report, the share price of TOPGLOV is bullish now and the reversal is confirmed !!!

A lot of people start to ask "Can I buy gloves now ?",  my answer is: "We only buy when others are panic selling, when others are panic buying, we are selling to them".

Please remember Wednesday is holiday and the TOPGLOV QR will be released on Thursday. There might have some selling pressure during this time. Manage your risk well.

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