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Why Topglove?
Top Revenue,Top Profit,Top Dividend,Top Growth,Top Capacity,Top Boss,Top Ambition
- It's the only company with the largest capacity of 85 billion glove per annum
(more than 2.2x Harta, 3.5x Supermax, 2.5x Kossan, 2.6x Sri Trang).
Note: Others not mentioned are too small, like a drop of ink in a glass.
- Whoever has the largest capacity wins. Everyone can qualify this statement. 
- Though it may not have the highest ASP, the GAP is narrowing in the month of Sept(20% hike),Oct(20%hike)
-Don't be fool by the some rival glove producers that claim the highest ASP. THAT IS SPOT PRICE. [That's why the profit after tax is not reflecting the ASP price because it has LOW CAPACITY for SPOT PRICE]
- For Topglove capacity of 85 billion currently, it has MORE than 4 billion capacity every quarter for SPOT PRICE
This coming quarter(2020-DEC)will reflect more than 5 billion capacity(according to Topglove:30% capacity) every quarter for SPOT PRICE.
- Tan Sri Lim says work is hobby. Shareholders love it when the bosses are hands on 365 days and 366days for leap year.
- In pandemic, CBP or NZ issue is not an issue. Production backlog is more than 10 months currently, it can be filled by other countries. 
-Yes, Topglove's issue with worker treatment and salaries should be address. It is the right thing to do, and Topglove is fixing this issue triggered by middle men(job agents) creating this mess in the first place. Workers accomodation should be hygienic and comfortable.
-Top 5 manufacturers have NBR(nitrile-butadiene rubber) shortage. The critical raw material has increase in price recently and cost will be passed on to customer as well in terms of higher ASP.
Backlog to increase subtantially in the next few months as winters in northern hemisphere trigger the annual flu season.
-Top Ambition: A fortune 500 global company with USD40billion revenue by 2040.
-Topglove has the ability and funds to manufacture vaccine. But it doesn't, because it's NOT PROFITABLE as glove and there are too mnay players(LOW BARRIER TO ENTRY).
-Beware of some old man blogging DAILY!! and a female blogger that speaks to old man called "sifu". I believe most of you WILL NOT READ their article because many of you are SMARTER and more KNOWLEDGABLE.





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