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YTD20 vs YTD19:



2Q20 vs 1Q20:

James Ng Stock Pick Performance:
Since Recommended Return:

a. FRONTKEN CORP BHD, recommended on 12 Aug 18, initial price was RM0.715, rose to RM3.72, dividend RM0.052, in 2 years 1 month 27 days, total return is 427.6%

b. TOP GLOVE CORP BHD, recommended on 1 July 18, initial price was RM12.14, rose to RM52.86 adjusted, dividend RM0.52, in 2 Years 3 months 7 days, total return is 339.7%

c. MI TECHNOVATION BERHAD, recommended on 2 Jun 19, initial price was RM1.67, rose to RM6.39 adjusted, dividend RM0.055, in 1 Year 4 months 7 days, total return is 285.9%

d. PROLEXUS BHD, recommended on 25 Aug 19, initial price was RM0.455, rose to RM1.64, dividend RM0.003, in 1 Year 1 month 14 days, total return is 261.1%

e. OPENSYS M BHD, recommended on 24 May 20, initial price was RM0.355, rose to RM0.95, dividend RM0.005, in 4 months 15 days, total return is 169%

f. CHIN HIN GROUP BHD, recommended on 2 Feb 20, initial price was RM0.57, rose to RM1.37, dividend RM0.02, in 8 months 7 days, total return is 143.9%

g. INTA BINA GROUP BHD, recommended on 26 Apr 20, initial price was RM0.19, rose to RM0.335, in 5 months 13 days, total return is 76.3%

h. KAREX BHD, recommended on 20 Oct 19, initial price was RM0.445, rose to RM0.72, dividend RM0.015, in 11 months 19 days, total return is 65.2%

i. PERAK TRANSIT BHD, recommended on 19 July 20, initial price was RM0.18, rose to RM0.28, dividend RM0.0025, in 2 months 20 days, total return is 56.9%

j. UNISEM (M) BHD, recommended on 19 May 19, initial price was RM2.58, rose to RM3.93, dividend RM0.08, in 1 Year 4 months 20 days, total return is 55.4%

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James Ng
[TEO SENG CAPITAL BHD: improved selling price of eggs]

YTD20 vs YTD19:
The decrease of 13% in revenue to RM236.7 million had resulted a lower pre-tax profit of approximately RM7.1 million representing a decrease of 80% for the current period under review.

Poultry Farming:
The segment recorded a pre-tax profit of RM2.1 million for the financial period under review, last year was RM32.5 million.

Investment and Trading:
The increase in demand for animal health products had contributed an increase in revenue by 22% and recorded its pre-tax profit of RM5.0 million (last year RM3.1 million) for the financial period under review.

2Q20 vs 1Q20:
The revenue increased by RM4.8 million representing 4.1% mainly due to the improved selling price of eggs for the current quarter under review. In line with the higher revenue, the Group recorded better pre-tax profit of RM4.3 million representing an increase of 51.6% for the current quarter under review.

The Group has assessed its impact that are possibly caused by Covid-19 pandemic operationally and financially aspects, both are insignificantly affect the financial position for the current quarter under review, and the selling price of eggs has improved. The Group will continue to monitor, reassess the financial position, take appropriate and timely action to minimise the possible impacts caused by Covid-19 pandemic.
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