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AT (0072) AT SYSTEMATIZATION BHD - Fortune favours the lion-hearted

All gloves counters were faced with a sell down for the past few days, AT was not excluded from this massacre earlier today (17/11). It was sold to a low of 22 cents before a strong support came back in second session, raising the closing price to 24.5 cents. 
Many investors are fearful of the price fluctuation and sold their holdings before the price dropped further. But, all must remember that the future of the company is looking bright with their production starting in a week. It is clear that strong support came back after first session break today because many believed that AT has a long way to go still. 
The production plan is still on schedule and this price will soon be a history. You can see the photo updates below.  Fortune favours the lion-hearted investors. Good luck to all.



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