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I have great respect of the famous uncle, not for his wealth, but for his generousity and his passed who co-built the few giant engineering companies that made its mark overseas, especially Taiwan, doha and India, I used the infrastrucres built by them.

In the commercial world, it is the norm to get the famous (celebrity of course, VVIP) to endorse their products or events, from sports products, fashion shows, watches, diamonds, perfumes to conference events  etc etc, there is nothing wrong with it, in fact it is pretty much the norm and powerful marketing strategy.

To market something new successfully, you need the right product, timing, price, target buyers, etc etc (these are the basic level 1 subject any Marketing Student needs to go through)

The secret weapon behind for new launch sales shooting up the sky, you need something extraordinary for extraordinary environment ........a real heavy VIP endorsement unless you are launching iphone 12.

In every election, you see lot of heavy weight endorsing their preferred candidates (for any reasons, same party ? same ideology? same buddy? .....) Obama endorsed Biden :)

in Malaysia, endorsement marketing now evolved to an all new level => The entire business......

Lately i came across the great uncle photo ops with the ATS CEO and his write up (站台,背书). well, this is something new i learnt (i learn something new everyday). Congratulation ATS, wonder who was the genius behind the idea, he/she deserves a fat bonus.

For the long list of newbies to stand out from the crowded boy scouts, you need to work harder !!!!! including the one with the deepest pocket MS.

The Trump is still refuse to accept the outcome of the election, that will create 10 of thousands every day positive covid-19 in the US alone,  project it to 20 Jan 2021 when BIDEN can really get up to speed to keep it under control, there is another 2 months of gloves need to stock pile in exponential way.





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